Life Coaching is the process of helping you to discover your goals and create a plan for achieving them.

What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is a professional who…

  • helps you identify and achieve your goals or make a change in your life in the most efficient, effective            and rewarding way possible.
  • guides you through the process by asking questions that help you evaluate and decide which steps to            take to reach your goal or make an important change.
  • focuses mostly on looking toward your future, rather than dealing primarily with your past.
  •  is Solution Focused vs. Problem Focused

What Does a Life Coach Not Do?

Coaches usually don’t give advice or tell you what to do. They try to help you find what feels right for you by helping you reveal the answers to yourself through discussion, suggestions, brainstorming and reflection.

Life Coach Roles:


A Life Coach is a source of motivation and inspiration that gives you the push you need to reach your full potential. Life Coaches are like personal trainers for your life goals. They have the professional training and mindset that is needed to coach you towards your dream life. They are with you every step of the way, helping you find ways to stay on track and motivated to accomplish those goals and so much more.


Effective strategizing is something a Life Coach is really good at helping you with. One of the first things they do when they meet with you is to ask specific questions about what you want to accomplish and help re-focus your thinking to make sure you’re going about it in an effective and meaningful way.

Accountability Partner

A Life Coach is someone who will keep you accountable for reaching your goals and making positive changes and because of that you will be more motivated to keep progressing toward your goal in order to show them what you have accomplished. A Life Coach will help you through the road blocks along the way, give you the push you need when you're stuck in a rut, cheer for you when you meet your goals and then challenge you to get out there and conquer even more goals.

We offer the following services:

Life Balance Coaching:  Feeling overwhelmed with the many responsibilities of life? Learn how to prioritize and create balance and peace in your life.

Parent Coaching: Struggling with parenting issues? Coaching can help you discover how to parent in a positive, effective manner that honors you and your children.

Life Purpose Discovery: Feeling like you are off track and not living on purpose? Every one of us was born for a specific purpose and it is our job to discover and pursue it! Coaching can help you turn your purpose into a career or a way of life that will make your heart sing!

Health Coaching: Your body is your vehicle for moving your through life. Are you honoring and taking good care of it? Health coaching can help you create and stick with healthy habits including weight loss, regular exercise, quitting smoking, eating healthy and any other lifestyle habits. 

Academic Coaching: Do you have a child who is struggling in school? We have coaches who can help with specific subjects, special needs, or basic study skills.

We offer support to help you set realistic goals and a plan for achieving them along with building motivation and keeping you on track and accountable. We help you remove blocks and obstacles that get in the way of your success. Coaching can be set up in small groups or individual sessions. 

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